How To Spot A Scam – Air Conditioning Repair

So you hire a local air conditioning repair technician. You think they are licensed, are an insured company, and are fully certified to perform all repair work you hired them to do. This is the case until you learn you are a victim of air conditioning repair scams. So how could you avoid this situation from unfolding to begin with? These are a few telltale signs to look for, so as to ensure you don’t fall victim to air conditioning repair scams, and to ensure you actually hire a company which is licensed and fully certified for repairs.

1. Not What They Say (but, how they say it) –
Although its not uncommon for parts to fail and eventually need to be replaced; but, what is common in these hvac scams is a technician pointing to a perfectly good part, and pointing out the many flaws. Words such as you “desperately” need a new one, or “excessive” costs will follow if you don’t replace it right away.

Not all technicians are scamming you however, so you can do some simple checks on your own (a quick Google search can also help). Is your home properly cooled/heated? Are there harsh odors daily? Excessive noise an issue? If you answer no to these questions, and the technician still insists, get a second opinion.

2. Fake out (not replacing a part they claim to replace) –
A company might tell you that you have to replace a part, and claim that they did so. Only for you to find a few days later the unit isn’t working as it should. This is a very difficult HVAC scam to spot, and almost only possible to notice a few days after the fact, when you realize the unit isn’t functioning. So how do you avoid this? Make sure you research as much as possible prior to hiring a company. BBB ratings, sites like Angie’s list, and other review/rating sites, can help you avoid hiring a company which has done this in the past to others.

3. Used HVAC Parts Scam –
NEVER (I repeat) never buy used parts for air conditioning repair services. If a technician tells you they have a used part in their truck, and they’ll install it for 1/2 the price, run and call someone else. The part simply won’t last. It was probably already ready to falter, and they simply replaced a part in their ac system and are trying to pawn it off on you. Don’t fall victim to this “extreme” discount they are offering.

Another common scam is telling you that you need several tune ups annually. Yes, the tune up is very important, however if a company tells you that you need to do it more than twice annually, be careful with them. Over and under-pricing scams are also very common in this industry. Often referred to as bait-and-switch scams, they are particularly hard to spot in advance. Although some are tougher to spot than others, there are many people simply trying to take your money and run.

Often, HVAC scams are targeted at the elderly, so warn any senior citizens in your family about common scams to beware of. At Altitude Comfort – air conditioning repair Denver, they always like to speak to a family member whenever they have an elderly customer who may not understand the circumstances surrounding their air conditioning repair.

To avoid falling victim to these scams, do your research. The more you learn about local companies, who will do repair work, and how they’ve dealt with customers in the past, the easier it will be to hire the right people, and avoid these (and other) common scams.