5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs A Tune Up

Remembering to schedule an annual air conditioning tune up is an important if you want your system to last longer than most. A good number of homes seldom carry out maintenance on their HVAC systems. We assume that the air conditioning is okay as long as it blows cold air. Well, the truth of the matter is that HVAC systems need to be maintained at least once per year to functioning at their optimum.
Aside from keeping system from needing emergency air conditioning repair, a tune up will save you a lot of money. To begin with, a faulty air conditioning system wastes energy, raising the bill. In addition, the system will cost you a pretty penny if and when it does break down.
Here are 5 signs that your system needs a check-up sooner rather than later:

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1. The unit runs noisily
Have you noticed some rattling or buzzing noise coming from your HVAC system? There are a number of reasons that could cause this, all of which call for a maintenance check. If you are lucky, it might be a small fix. In the more dire cases, this may require you to buy a replacement part and pay high repair fees.

2. A dirty air filter
The air filter should be changed at least once every three months. If your HVAC has not had a filter change for longer than that, then it most probably is running with a dirty air filter. The problem with this is that the system has to work harder to keep the home cool. In such a scenario, the AC wears much faster. It is also one of the reasons your AC is shooting up your light bill.

3. Musty odour coming from the air conditioning system
If you smell a funny odour when your air conditioner goes on, then it’s time to check it and the ducts as well. The air duct system and the unit itself may have debris build-up, which will be removed during a routine maintenance check.

4. Moisture around the air conditioning unit
Moisture build-up is an evident sign that your air conditioning has a problem. The most common reason for this is a Freon leak. This is an easy fix up that a routine check should take care of. Such problems are easy to sort out when caught early. There is no telling what complications may develop if the unit is left to run in such a condition for long.

5. No cool air coming out
At times, this indicates that the refrigerant line is poorly insulated or that it needs recharging. However, it may be other malfunctions that are causing this. With regular maintenance, you will not have to deal with such inconveniences since it will be caught before it gets so bad that it causes poor performance. This is one of the malfunctions that you wouldn’t want to have to deal with during the hot summer months.
Moving parts and the motor in your HVAC system need regular check-up just as your car does. The moving parts are lubricated and others are checked for wear and tear to be replaced before they pull the whole system apart. The thermostat will also be calibrated to make sure it stays as accurate as possible.